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There are two WIZ-Kids® that open steel drums easily and safely: steel electric drum operners
The Electric WIZ-Kids® which moves itself around the drum, cutting and
folding the metal toward the chime, leaving a safe, smooth burr-free edge on
the drum. The Electric WIZ-Kid® is the right choice for moderate to low drum
volume, where a power tool is required.
It uses a 1/8 HP, 115V, 60 HZ single phase DC motor, (AC rectified), and is
supplied with a tangle-resistant cord.
Dimensions: 12"L x 10"W x 24"H
Wt.: 26 lbs.
The Manual WIZ-Kid® designed for use in remote areas, where no power
source is available, or where drum volume is low and a manual tool is preferred.
It employs the same patented cutting principles as the Electric WIZ-Kid®, leaves
the same safe drum edge, using a manual ratchet requiring only minimal user
Dimensions: 12"L x 7"W x 18"H
Wt.: 19 lbs.
The Electric WIZ-Kid®
Consider these WIZ-Kid® benefits: steel manual drum openers
• The latest in steel drum deheading technology.
• Safe... leaves smooth burr-free edge on the drum.
• Fast... dehead most drums in less than two minutes.
• Easy to use... no set up or drum preparation required.
• Quick and easy cutter wheel changeout.
• Lightweight, portable and user friendly.
• Ergonomically designed, powered or manual.
• Durable and long lasting.
• Universal for 30-55 gallon steel drums up to 16 gauge.
• Tough tools for a tough job.
The Manual WIZ-Kid®

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THE WIZ-KID (dehead up to 50 drums per week)
Description Model No. Price
WIZ-Kid Electric 10025 $3,300
cutter wheel kit - electric
WIZ-Kid Electric cutter wheel kit (with 1.0" diameter tool steel cutter wheel) 11733 $323
WIZ-Kid Manual with standard cutter wheel 10095
WIZ-Kid Manual with non-ferrous cutter wheel 13073**
cutter wheel kit - manual
WIZ-Kid Manual cutter wheel kit (w/std. 1.0" diameter tool steel cutter wheel) 11738 $314
*Denotes: NON-FERROUS CUTTER WHEEL (Used when there is hazardous or toxic material)

Wiz-Kids, Steel Drum Openers, Drum Deheader, Burr-Free Edge, Electric, Manual, Drum Deheading, Portable, Ergonomically
Designed, easy cutter wheel changeout, and for 30-55 gallon Steel Drums up to 16 gauge from your source for material handling
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