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VM SERIES LIFT SYSTEMS - Low Flow (small compact loads)
The VB and VM Systems is hoist-based, fully integrated,
non-weight sensitive vacuum lift systems.
VB and VM lifters are designed for use where headroom or
load size would not allow the use of a VT tube lifting system,
or for lifting unusually heavy, bulky or compact loads.
Vacuum for Attachment - Hoist for Lifting
With a VB or VM system, a high power electric pump
or a compressed air venturi produces the vacuum for
attachment; an electric chain hoist provides the lift.
Ergonomic Handling
Oftentimes a VB or VM lifter can be the answer to an
unusual or confined space, low headroom material handling
problem or for repetitive handling of small, lightweight or
oddly shaped items.
Lifters for all load types
We offer two styles of hoist-based vacuum lifting systems:
VB systems, for handling porous loads, such as bags
and boxes.
VM systems, for handling small, compact, non-porous
to semi-porous loads.
Compact, Easy to Control
Rated load capacities for standard models range
up to 1,100 pounds (500 kg). Hoists with higher
rated load capacities are available if the user
wishes to have the capability of operating the
hoist alone for lifting heavier loads, independent
of the vacuum attachment system.
These compact systems are quick and easy to control
by a single operator. A rugged chain hoist is used for
secure and precise up-and-down movement. The
integrated hoist features a built-in automatic overload
sensor to stop the lift if the system is overloaded. A
slip-clutch in the first stage hoist gear prevents hoist
Hoist-based systems are most useful at low to
moderate production rates. When high production
rate lifting is required, a continuous duty cycle
tube lift system should be used.
Suitable for Confined Spaces
Their compact design and low headroom allow
their use in very tight workspaces such as under
mezzanine floors. Various types of vacuum pad
attachments with quick release couplings are
available to easily customize these lifting systems.
We also manufacture systems using oil-free air
hoists and balancers for special applications.
Contact us for details.
Wide Range of Lifting Capability
VB and VM systems use vacuum to secure and
hold the load only, not for lifting; the hoist provides
the lift.
Hoist-based, non-weight-sensitive
   alternatives to tube lift systems for
   use at low to moderate production
Integrated Controls for Easy
Requires very little headroom.
High Quality yet Value Priced.
Superior Construction using only
    Quality Components.
Hoist-based systems for approx.
    two lifts per minute. Please
    consult us for detailed
Quick Disconnects are standard,
    changing the lift pad is a snap.

VM SERIES LIFT SYSTEMS - Low Flow (Small Compact Loads)
The VM Vacuum-Hoist Lifting systems are fully integrated
vacuum lifting systems designed for fast, safe, one person
handling of small, compact objects.
The VM Vacuum Lifter can handle most load surfaces of
non- to semi-porous materials and is ideal for repetitive
production line use, such as lifting and loading products into
a box. A compressed air venturi provides the suction
necessary for load holding; a rugged, electric chain hoist is
used for load lifting. The chain hoist provides secure up/down
movement, eliminating the possibility of load suspension
failure during movement. This allows the load to hang
exactly in position when set in place, with no drift. Double
rocker switches for up/down hoist control as well as dual
vacuum attach/release valves allow for either left- or right-
hand operator control.
The VM Vacuum-Hoist Lifting System is a compact, easy
   to use, fully integrated ergonomic lifting system for small
   load handling.
The VM Lifter is ideal for loading products into boxes
   where high air-flow is not required.
Load attach and release is instantaneous, as the
   vacuum pump and controls are located at the
   vacuum attachment head.
The high vacuum level (27" Hg) makes it perfect for
   attaching to and lifting loads with limited surface attachment
A vacuum pad quick-disconnect feature is standard and allows for fast pad attachment changeovers for greater
   system load handling versatility.
Dual speed electric chain hoists are available with compressed air venturi vacuum generator.
The VM Vacuum-Hoist Lifting System is ideal for lifting and handling non-porous or semi-porous heavy, dense
   loads    weighing up to 550 lb (250 kg) that are within arm's reach of the operator.
Features of the VM Vacuum-Hoist Lifting System:
Low Maintenance - Unlike other vacuum lifters, there are no large remote
   pumps, motors and vacuum supply hoses to install, festoon and maintain.
   A compressed air venturi vacuum generator produces the vacuum for
   attaching to the load.
Compact Design - The VM Vacuum-Hoist Lifting System requires only
   29 in. (736 mm) of headroom. The standard lift length is 9 ft. 2 in. (2.8
   m). Lower headrooms and longer lift lengths are available. Standard
   system lifting capacities range from 275 to 550 lb (125 to 250 kg).
Easy-to-use, Ergonomic Controls - The VM Vacuum-Hoist Lifting
   System features ergonomic controls that are fully integrated and mounted
   on the control handle. Up and down movement is controlled by dual
   rocker type switches for either right or left hand thumb control.
   Separate push button vacuum release valves detach the load. A vacuum
   gauge that indicates system vacuum level is mounted on the control for
   monitoring by the operator.
Continuous Attachment - Attachment to the load is continuous for
   maximum productivity. As is common with hoist based lifting units, the
   system is suitable for one or two lifts per minute. (For higher speed
   applications, a VT Vacuum Tube Lift System should be
Dual Speed Chain Hoist - Dual hoist speeds provide maximum productivity in most lifting applications.
   The integrated chain hook suspension allows precise positioning of the load.
Overload and Power Loss Protection - A built-in slip-clutch in the first stage gear prevents hoist overload.
   A vacuum check valve holds the load in case of power loss.
Versatility - The system combines the features of a vacuum lifter with those of a hoist and can be used for
   either purpose. The switch over is easy and takes only a few seconds. A built-in slip clutch stops the lifter if the
   system is overloaded. The vacuum pad quick-disconnect feature is standard and allows for fast pad attachment
   changeovers for greater load handling versatility.
Wide Application - The VM Vacuum-Hoist Lifting System is ideal for handling non- to semi-porous objects
   within arm's reach of the operator. A VM Vacuum Hoist system is well suited for repetitive production line material
   handling tasks such as loading product into boxes. Quick release couplings make it easy to change the vacuum lift
   head for greater versatility.
VM Vacuum-Hoist Lifting System Specifications:
Rated Hoist Capacity** Lifting Speed fpm Hoist Voltage
lb kg Slow Fast
VMK-1 275 (125) 14 56 230 or 460/3/60
VMK-2 275 (125) 25 100 230 or 460/3/60
VMK-3 550 (250) 8 32 230 or 460/3/60
VMK-4 550 (250) 14 56 230 or 460/3/60
VMKV-1 275 (125) Up to 36 115/1/60
VMKV-2 550 (250) Up to 26 115/1/60
*One standard vacuum pad attachment is included with each system.
**Vacuum capacity for most applications depends on the pad attachment and the vacuum
station selected.
Additional attachments are readily available, easily interchangeable, and
economically priced. (See bottom of page)
To request a quote, or phone consultation, please click on the 'Quote'
link at the top (or bottom) of the page to submit your information.

(Sold Separately)
Single Pad Attachments
Dual Pad Attachments
Single pad attachments are best suited for lifting small loads such as
small packages, pails and drums, small plates and billets, and other
compact rigid objects.
Dual pad attachments are most suitable
for handling mid-sized objects such as
microwave ovens, televisions, computer
consoles, and windows.
Multi-Pad Attachments
Custom Pad Attachments
For lifting larger objects, four pad (or more, if
required) vacuum attachments are offered.
Multi-pad attachments are available with fixed
or adjustable crossarms as well as fixed or
adjustable pads.
Custom pad attachments are available
for specialized lifting applications. Contact
us for a free evaluation of your product
handling requirements.
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