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tuflex eye and eye roundslings
A More Rugged and Durable Tuflex
The Eye and Eye Advantage
An additional jacket of texturized, abrasion resistant
nylon covers the body of the standard Tuflex,
forming two color coded lifting eyes.
Maintains all the basic Tuflex features plus...
Saves money by extending sling life where
   abrasion to sling body is a problem.
tuflex eye and eye roundslings

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*Constact Us For Special Lengths*
Rated Capacity (lbs.)‡ Min.
Approximate Measurements Ext'd. prices @ lgths shown (ft.)
Vertical Choker Basket Wgt.
at Load
Std Eye
3' 4' 6' 8' Adder/
EE30 Purple   2,600 2,100 5,200 4 0.25 2 1/4 10 1/2 *NA
EE60 Green   5,300 4,200 10,600 4 0.36 2 1/2 10 5/8 *NA
EE90 Yellow   8,400 6,700 16,800 4 0.5 2 1/2 12 3/4 *NA
EE120 Tan   10,600 8,500 21,200 5 0.6 3 1/2 12 7/8 *NA *NA
EE150 Red   13,200 10,600 26,400 5 0.84 3 1/2 14 1 *NA *NA
EE180 White   16,800 13,400 33,600 7 0.96 3 1/2 16 1 1/8 *NA *NA *NA
EE240 Blue   21,200 17,000 42,400 7 1.5 4 1/4 16 1 1/4 *NA *NA *NA
EE360 Grey   31,000 24,800 62,000 7 1.8 6 20 1 1/2 *NA *NA *NA *NA *NA
EE600 Brown   53,000 42,400 106,000 8 2.7 7 24 1 7/8 *NA *NA *NA *NA *NA
EE800 Olive   66,000 52,800 132,000 10 3.3 8 30 2 1/8 *NA *NA *NA *NA *NA
EE1000 Black   90,000 72,000 180,000 12 4.2 9 36 2 1/2 *NA *NA *NA *NA *NA
*NA - Quoted upon request.
Do not exceed rated capacities. Sling capacity decreases as the angle from horizontal decreases.
Slings should not be used at angles of less than 30°. Follow instructions below.
**This is the smallest recommended connection hardware diameter to be used for a vertical hitch.
+ Shorter lengths available using reduced eye lengths.

All Lift-All slings meet or exceed OSHA and ASME B30.9 standards and regulations.
What is a Tuflex Roundsling? • Conforms to shape of load to grip securely
• Load bearing yarns protected from UV degradation
• Red striped white core yarns provide added visual
   warning of sling damage
• Color coding provides positive sling capacity
It is an synthetic sling made from a skein (continuous
loop or hank) of polyester yarn covered by a double
wall tubular jacket. The roundsling body can also be
compared to sling webbing with the tubular jacket face
yarns woven without binder yarns; this allows the core
yarns to move independently within the jacket.
Saves Money
• Double wall cover for greater sling life
• Soft cover won’t scratch load surface
• Conforms to shape of load for reduced load damage
• Seamless - no sewn edges to rupture prematurely,
   requiring removal from service
• EN360 and larger Tuflex feature Tufhide wear resistant
   nylon jacket for extra sling life
• Tuff-Tag provides required OSHA information for the
   life of the sling, not just the life of the tag
Tufhide Jacket
Made from bulked nylon fibers, the double wall Tuf-
hide jacket offers better abrasion resistance for our
larger capacity Tuflex (EN360 and larger). In addition,
Tufhide reduces the heat buildup that can damage other
high capacity roundslings when used in a choker hitch.
Tuflex Roundslings
Features, Advantages and Benefits
Saves Time
• Color coded capacities for quick identification
• Light weight and pliable for easy rigging and storage
• Independent core yarns choke tightly, but release
   easily after use
• Easy to carry - high strength to weight ratio for easy
Promotes Safety
• Light weight reduces fatigue and strain on riggers
• Synthetic materials won’t cut hands
• Consistent matched lengths for better multiple sling load
• No loss of strength from abrasion to cover
• Tuff-Tag provides serial numbered identification for
• Low stretch (about 3% at rated capacity) - reduces
   sling and load abrasion - good for low headroom lifts

Effect of Angle of Lift on a Sling's Rated Capacity
serves to alert users to potentially hazardous situations which often occur in the use of these products.
Failure to read, understand and follow the accompanying instructions on how to avoid these situations
could result in death or serious injury.

Using slings at an angle can become deadly if that angle is not taken into consideration when selecting the sling to
be used. The tension on each leg of the sling is increased as the angle of lift, from horizontal, decreases. It is most
desirable for a sling to have a larger angle of lift, approaching 90°. Lifts with angles of less than 30° from horizontal
are not recommended. If you can measure the angle of lift or the length and height of the sling as rigged, you can
determine the properly rated sling for your lift.
What would be the rating of each sling
rigged at this angle?
choker hitch vertical hitch What capacity sling do I need?
1. Determine the weight that the sling
    will be lifting [LW].
1. Calculate the Reduction Factor [RF].
a. Using the angle from horizontal,
    read across the Angle Chart to the
    corresponding number of the
    Reduction Factor column.
2. Calculate the Tension Factor [TF].
a. Using the angle from horizontal,
    read across the angle chart to the
    corresponding number of Tension
    Factor column.
b. Divide sling height* [H] by sling
    length* [L].
b. Divide sling height* [H] by sling
    length* [L].
Choker Hitch
Vertical Hitch
2. Reduction Factor [RF] x the sling's
    rated capacity for the type hitch that
    will be used = Sling's Reduced Rating.
vertical basket hitch
3. Lifting Weight [LW] x the Tension
    Factor [TF] = Minimum Sling Rating
    for the type of hitch that will be used.
*Measured from a common horizontal plane to
the hoisting hook.
*Measured from a common horizontal
plane to the hoisting hook.
Reduced Capacity
Effect of Angle Chart
Increasing Tension
vertical choker


1.000 90º 1.000
0.996 85º 1.004
0.985 80º 1.015
0.966 75º 1.035
0.940 70º 1.064
0.906 65º 1.104
0.866 60º 1.155
0.819 55º 1.221
0.766 50º 1.305
0.707 45º 1.414
0.643 40º 1.555
0.574 35º 1.742
0.500 30º 2.000
vertical basket hitch

Vertical Choker rating of each sling = 6,000 lbs.
Measured Length (L) = 6 ft.
Measured Height (H) = 4 ft.
Reduction Factor (RF) = 4 (H) ÷ 6 (L) = .667
Reduced sling rating in this configuration = .667
(RF) x 6,000 lbs. = 4,000 lbs. of lifting capacity
per sling

Load Weight = 1,000 lbs.
Rigging - 2 slings in vertical hitch
Lifting Weight (LW) per sling = 500 lbs.
Measured Length (L) = 10 ft.
Measured Height (H) = 5 ft.
Tension Factor (TF) = 10 (L) ÷ 5 (H) = 2.0
Minimum Vertical Rated Capacity required
for this lift = 500 (LW) x 2.0 (TF) = 1,000
lbs. per sling

Sling capacity decreases as the angle
from hjorizontal decrease. Sling angles
of less than 30° are not recommended.

Polyester Roundslings, Single Part Endless, Lifting Slings, Lift-All, Polyester Sling, Eye and Eye, Braided Roundslings,
Tuflex, and Large Capacity Slings from your source for material handling equipment.
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