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tri glide movers

These low profile, 3-Point Load Moving Systems are
perfect for moving over finished floors. They are currently
available in load moving capacities of 5, 10, and 15 tons
with additional load capacities coming soon. Choose from
Nylon, Polyurethane, or Steel rolls to suit your moving

Tri-Glide three-point moving system is designed for
moving heavy loads over specially coated floors. It is
comprised of a front steering unit and two rear adjustable
units. Additional modules can be added to further stabilize
large, bulky loads. Tri-Glide was developed in response to
a growing demand for floor protection when moving
heavy loads over smooth, painted, finished, or sealed

All Tri-Glide Systems contain the following components:
•A steerable front unit and two adjustable-width rear units
•Front unit has Swivel Padded Top, Padded Hand
Grips, and Tow Eye
•Two rear units are adjustable in width for larger loads

Nylon Wheels Polyurethane Wheels Steel Wheels
nylon wheels polyurethane wheels steel wheels
All Tri Glide moving systems come standard
with Nylon wheels. They are an ideal "all
purpose" wheel that allows for good floor
protection and favorable wear characteristics.
These wheels will not "set" if left under load
(static) for a period of time.
Provide even better floor
protection than their Nylon
counterparts, though they are not
as durable. They are a softer
wheel, which provides excellent
floor protection on tile floors.
Provide that best wear
characteristics and is great
for durable floors.
tri glide movers tri glide




  KTG-10N KTG-15N KTG-20N - -
KTG-10P KTG-15P KTG-20-P KTG-24P KTG-40P
KTG-10S KTG-15S KTG-20S - -
Load Capacity: 10 ton 15 ton 20 ton 24 ton 40 ton
Wheels in Front Unit: 8 12 16 8 16
Wheels in Rear Unit: 8 12 16 8 16
Height Without Pad: 4" 4" 4" 5.25" 5.25"
Handle Length: 43 1/2" 43 1/2" 43 1/2" 45 3/4" 45 3/4"
Front Unit Width: 17 7/8" 22 11/16" 26 11/16" 26 7/8" 39 3/16"
Rear Unit Width: 6 1/4" 7 11/16" 9 11/16" 8 1/4" 14 3/16"
Front Unit Weights: 115 lb 145 lb 151 lb 253 lb 131 lb
Rear Unit Weights: 78 lb 91 lb 109 lb 291 lb 201 lb

3 point moving

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Model No. Capacity Price
With Nylon Wheels
KTG-10N 10 Ton $1,990
KTG-15N 15 Ton $2,420
KTG-20N 20 Ton $3,013
With Poly Wheels
KTG-10P 10 Ton $2,096
KTG-15P 15 Ton $2,575
KTG-20P 20 Ton $3,107
KTG-24P 24 Ton $4,491
KTG-40P 40 Ton $6,308
With Steel Wheels
KTG-10S 10 Ton $2,326
KTG-15S 15 Ton $2,798
KTG-20S 20 Ton $3,439
Tri-Glide, Dollies, Heavy Moving, Machine Dolly, Pallet Dollies, Steel Dollies, 4 Wheel Dollies, Industrial Dollies, Load Rollers, and
Machinery Moving Dollies from your source for material handling equipment.
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