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TelCore Lock Core Storage System

telcore lock core storage system TelCore is a control system that simplifies the storage
of removable and interchangeable lock cores and
keeps control of standard size keys. Available
in many different capacities. TelCore panels
can be purchased separately from TelCore
cabinets and can be installed in existing Regent
or Aristocrat key cabinets where maximum
capacities are not already utilized.
Color: Gray,18 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel
DIMENSIONS: Small: 16 1/4"h x 12 1/8"w x 5"d
DIMENSIONS: Large: 27"h x 13"w x 7 7/8"d

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Removable Core Cap. Std. Key Cap. PANELS COMPLETE SYSTEM
(With All Accessories)
Wt. (lbs.)
TelCore Telkee Model No. Item No. Price
48 25 P/48 TCR-73-S T9505 $264.00 19
48 75 P/48 P/50 TCR-123-S T9515 $353.00 23
84 50 P/84 TCA-134-S T9525 $489.00 34
84 150 P/84 P/100 TCA-234-S T9530 $582.00 40
84 250 P/84 (2)P/100 TCA-334-S T9535 $772.00 48
84 350 P/84 (3)P/100 TCA-434-S T9540 $931.00 55
168 50 (2)P/84 TCA-218-S T9545 $642.00 40
168 150 (2)P/84 P/100 TCA-318-S T9550 $709.00 47
168 250 (2)P/84 (2)P/100 TCA-418-S T9555 $906.00 60
Additional accessory panels; P/48 (48 core capacity), P84 Std. (84 core capacity)
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