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Quickly Turn Your Lift Truck Into A "Portable Crane"
precision lifting boom
portable crane New Precision Lifting Boom expands your
lifting capacities and lets you get the most out
of your lift truck. Unique design allows you to
easily "thread the needle" in close clearance
Precision Lifting Boom combines the reach of
a fork lift boom with the precise lifting of a hoist,
adding value and functionality to your lift truck.
Easily reach in and pick up those hard to get
loads with this versatile and cost effective
alternative to an overhead crane.
1. Portable, compact and versatile lifting.
2. Fits standard fork lift truck.
3. Hook travels 19' when boom is retracted.
4. Self contained, 100 AMP hour, 12 Volt DC,
dry cell, deep cycle battery with 25-amp charger.
self contained power supply
pendant control
Easy to use
pendant control
with 12' cord
Self Contained Power Supply
Real Time Tests
Starting with a fully charged battery,
the Precision lifting Boom lifts and
lowers a 1,000-pound load from an
eight-foot steel pit forty times. The
battery charges in four to five hours
with the supplied charged.
1. Increases your material handling options.
2. Adds versatility to your lift truck.
3. Safely lift and transport hard to reach loads.
4. No special power requirements.
5. Handy operator control.
6. Stable, secure lift truck attachment.
Precision Lifting Booms are great tools ideal for...
• Material Handlers
• Specialized Carriers & Riggers
• Heavy Equipment Movers
• Service & Maintenance
• Millwrights
• Lift Truck Dealers
• Rental Companies
lifting booms
Telescoping and Pivoting

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Dimensions (in.) Maximum Capacity (lbs.) Weight
A B C HR O Boom Hook Lifting Hook
3'-6' 7'-12'
PB-60-PLB 2.50 7.50 22.50 28.25 1.36 6000 2400 620
FB-60-PLB 2.50 7.50 22.50 26.00 1.36 6000 2400 590

Model EFB - Extended Fork Lift Boom

Use specifically for use with off-road fork trucks.
This fork boom has four different hook positions
on 12 inch increments from 12 to 15 feet. Low
profile design is easy to store
• 12' to 15' hook position
• Extra wide fork pockets
• Restraining chain with grab hook standard
telescoping and pivoting boom
Fixed Unit
Dimensions (in.) Maximum Capacity (lbs.) Weight
A B C HR O Boom Hook Lifting Hook
12' 13' 14' 15'
EFB-25-PLB 2.50 7.50 41.75 26.00 1.00 2500 2300 2100 2000 865 $13,955
Note: Drawing dimensions are in inches unless stated otherwise.
Precision Lifting Boom, Portable Lifting Boom, Versatile Lifting Boom, Fork Boom, Self Container Lifting Boom, Fork Lift Boom, Fork
Lift Boom Attachment, and Forklift Boom from your source for material handling equipment.
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