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Quantum’s New Rotationally Molded Seamless
Panels With Low-Wear Helix Hinges Put These
Doors Light Years Ahead In Value And
Quantum doors provide a one-two punch of advanced
hardware and molding technology that delivers more
resistance to impact, superior long lasting hinges, corrosion
resistant hardware, wider two-way swing, excellent sound
and thermal insulation, plus easy installation and minimal
hatchery door
Smooth, Low-Wearing Helix
Cam Hinge – Simply Better
The unique geometry of the helix gives Quantum
a huge advantage over more complicated designs
and requires no oil, grease, bearings or bushings.
An upper hinge section of precision machined
aluminum travels upon a lower cam section
milled from wear-resistant high-strength polymer.
Both sections share a common helical wear surface.
As the door opens, load and friction are spread
evenly across the helix surface...there are no points
or edges to concentrate wear.
Doors shown with optional 42" high bumpers
The aluminum upper helix hinge
section “climbs” the dark polymer
cam section to swing and raise
the door without pressure
points or edges.
While rotating, about half the total
helical surfaces remain in contact to
spread the load and reduce wear.
• One piece molded body resists penetration
   by moisture, dust or chemicals
• 50% more shell thickness at impact areas
   than comparable doors
• Helix hinge allows for up to 125° swing in
   both directions
• Industrial-grade steel bracing the length of
   the door’s spine
• Rugged polyethylene shell resists impact
   and bending
• Factory aligned hinge
• 1-3/4” door thickness with foam fill for
   sound and thermal insulation
125° swing geometry permits
greater clearance in both
The result is a smooth ride for the door. Even with
bumpers installed, Quantum allows up to 125° of
swing both ways to provide clearance without
overextending the hinge. As the door closes, it
automatically drops back into the closed position.
The entire door is injected with urethane foam for
rigid structural characteristics. A steel tube encased
in the foam adds additional strength and stability
along the spine where it’s needed most to prevent
warping, breaking or binding at hinge or bearing
Advanced Panel Design and Construction
We employ a proprietary molding techniques to
form a tough monolithic polyethylene door “shell”
that resists penetration by moisture, dirt or cleaning
agents. The structural composition of these doors
resists impact, bending and torque like no other.
Beginning at the door’s center with a wall thickness
50% greater than competitive door panels, the shell
wall progressively increases to resist breakdown
or fatigue around load bearing areas.

Wide Selection of
Versatile Options
Jamb guard or com-
   bination bottom bearing
   and jamb guard
125/250° combination
3" or 4" jamb mounting
Single pane 1/8"
   polycarbonate windows
Molded polyethylene
   bumpers from 12" to
   48" tall
Flexible transoms for
   openings over 8' tall
Self-supporting steel
   frames - drilled and
Weld plates
Variety of color choices
Optional V-Cam Hinge Easy To Install - Easy To Maintain -
Thanks To Practical Design Features
Rugged cast body
v-cam and sealed
roller bearing cam
follower system
provides a variety
of swing and rise
motions for extra
Lifetime warranty!!
Quantum doors are available in a range of sizes to suit many industrial, retail
and commercial door openings. Nylon reinforced vinyl jamb and sweep
gaskets, header seals and hinge covers complete the installation to ensure
a tight seal against dust and air flow.
Easy, Reliable Installation Procedure
Quantum doors are shipped with a mounting template to assure precision
positioning of the hinge bracket and lower bearing. The door simply drops
into the bearing and slides into a slot on the mounting bracket. Three screws
secure the helix hinge to the bracket. Tapped holes assure correct alignment.
Height adjustments can be easily made by rotating the upper helix section in
360° stops.
Stainless hinge
post is securely
bolted to the
door's spline.
Glazed Windows
Windows are constructed of two clear polycarbonate panes recessed with
frames into the door panel to eliminate abrasion or catch points. Durable,
good looking ABS frames can be removed easily for window replacement
if needed. Like other parts of the Quantum door, the window and rames
are USDA/FDA approved and easily washed down.
Colors Available
Cross section reveals extra
shell thickness at impact areas.
Nylon reinforced vinyl gaskets slide
easily into molded channels to form
a seal against air flow and dust.

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• 1 3/4" thick, insulated construction.
• 14" x 22" or 18" x 22" double-glazed flush-mounted 1/8" polycarbonate windows.
• Full perimeter air seals.
• Hardware, and plain bottom bearing.
• Hold-open pins.
• Jamb guards.
24"H Bumpers add ................................... $662.60/pair
42"H Bumpers add ................................... $1,078.30/pair

Opening Size Price
5' x 7'
6' x 7'
6' x 8'
8' x 8'
Contact us for prices on larger windows.

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