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Forklift Drum Handlers

Move more drums with MORSPEED™ 1500
Lift, move and place rimmed drums right from
   your forklift

Mounts on forks in seconds without any tools
No power connections
Raise forks to grip drums
Massive steel jaws grip upper rim of drums
1500 Lb. Capacity per drum
drum handling fork-lift attachment
All MORSpeed 1500 Forklift Attachments allow you
to grab, lift, move and place drums in minimum time without
leaving the driver's seat of your fork truck. Raise and lower
the forks to grab and release drums. The massive steel jaws
are contoured to securely grasp the drum. They are completely
mechanical and automatic.
MORSpeed 1500 drum handlers work with straight
walled drums or even deformed ribs, since they do not
depend on the drum ribs or friction. They do not require
any modification to your truck. The forklift operator just
raises and lowers the forks and drives forward and back
as necessary. Handle virtually any rimmed drum in a wide
range of sizes and weights:
• Steel drum with closed head or removable top with clamp ring. Plastic drum with non-removable top. Fiber
   drum with metal clamp ring closure secured.
• Even works with straight walled or damaged drums.
• Requires 24” (61 cm) minimum drum height, but will work with any diameter drum.
• Minimum weight per drum required to actuate jaws:
• 75 Lb. (34 kg) on a model with one head per drum
• 350 Lb. (156 kg) with two heads per drum
• Works with or without pallets.
• Contact Morse for advice on suitability of unusual drums or rim shapes.

drum handling fork-lift attachment drum handling fork-lift attachment drum handling fork-lift attachment MORSpeed 1500™ has wide
jaws contoured to securely
grasp virtually any rimmed
drum. The encased mechanism
provides precise, reliable,
automatic drum gripping.
drum handling fork-lift attachment MORSpeed 1500
models with two heads
per drum reduce stress on
the rim by distributing the
weight between two sets
of jaws. This is a feature
of models 288-1-2H,
288-2-2H and 287-2H.
Model 288-1 is designed
to handle one rimmed
Model 288-1-2H has two
heads to handle one
rimmed drum.
drum handling fork-lift attachment drum handling fork-lift attachment
Model 288-2 is designed to
handle one or two rimmed
drums at a time.
Model 288-2-2H has two
heads per drum to handle one
or two rimmed drums at a time.
Carriage Mount - Model 287 - Forklift Attachments
carriage mount model 287 forklift attachments
Mounts directly onto ITA Class 2 forklift carriage for use
   without forks
Best when operating in limited space not using pallets and
   without the need to reach past single row of drums
Model 287 handles one drum at a time
One or two can be used on truck carriage without forks
Note: Model 287 mounted on Part # 288-0 makes
Model 288-1
Durable and Automatic Drum-Gripping Mechanism
model 287 carriage mount forklift attachment

Watch Video Here

Optional Belted Backrest Kit
IMPORTANT: Order one Belt Kit for EACH drum position on your MORSpeed 1500
• For model 288-1 or 288-1-2H... Order ONE Belt Kit
• For model 288-2 or 288-2-2H... Order TWO Belt Kits
belt kit
Kit # 2523-P Option puts a shock absorbent surface in front
of the steel backrest of the MORSpeed 1500 to protect
the finish on your drum. It is easy to install using 4 bolts
provided. All MORSpeed 1500 models use one belt kit
per drum.
MORSpeed 1500 model 288-2 with
2 belt kits installed

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Model No.
Fork Reach Mount
143 lbs
1 Drum Handler, 1 Head for the drum
267 lbs
1 Drum Handler, 2 Heads for the drum
314 lbs
2 Drum Handler, 1 Head per drum
389 lbs
2 Drum Handler, 2 Heads per drum
485 lbs
Carriage Mount, 1 Head for the drum
138 lbs
Carriage Mount, 2 Heads for the drum
186 lbs
Belt kit, MORSpeed backrest
5 lbs
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for material handling equipment.
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