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The Mini VT models Vacuum Tube Lift Systems
are available with lifting tube diameters of 100 mm
(3.9") for the Model VT100, 120 mm (4.7") for
the Model VT 120 and 140 mm (5.5") for the
Model VT140.
A Mini VT system, with a smaller lift tube and
control head, is favored by many operators for its
ability to handle the most common range of load
sizes with little effort. Its continuous duty cycle
makes it an ideal production lifting system.
Smaller Control Head
The Mini Tube Lift Systems have a control head
design similar to our standard series of tube
lifters but smaller in size, making them lighter
and more compact.
Easy to Position
The control head is easy to position and its
near-effortless movement allows for fingertip
control by even the most petite operators.
Simple to Operate
The handlebar is easy to grasp with operator
controls ergonomically designed for smooth
operation. A conical flow valve allows the
operator vacuum power, resulting in a much
smoother, more user-friendly control competitive
Lighter Festooning Higher Efficiency
The Mini Systems use a 1.5 inch
diameter supply hose instead
of the 2 inch hose used on our
standard systems, which makes
festooning lighter and less
A VT140 Mini Tube Lift
system supplied with our
standard high efficiency
direct-drive vacuum pump
can offer the same lifting
capacity as a competitive
unit equipped with a 160
mm or larger lifting tube but
supplied with a less efficient
belt-drive vacuum pump.
High Quality
Mini VT Systems are manufactured using the
highest quality processes and componentry.
The control head, handle, and control knobs
are manufactured using electro-polished heavy
gauge stainless steel for corrosion resistance.
Low Price
The Mini VT Systems are
economically priced and affordable
for many of the more common load
lifting and stacking requirements.
To request a quote, or phone consultation, please click on the 'Quote' link
at the top (or bottom) of the page to submit your information.

The VT Mini Tube Lifting Systems
can be configured to handle all load
types: porous, semi-porous and non-
porous. For porous and semi-porous
load handling, we recommend you
allow us the opportunity to test your
load in order to determine the actual
system capacity and capability.
Important Note:
These capacity ranges should only be
used as general guidelines. Actual system
capacities are dependent on several
factors (load surface porosity, load
density, vacuum station, pad attachment,
We offer many combinations of VT Tube
Lifting systems within each model range.
Contact us for a free evaluation and
recommendation of a system combination
that will most economically and safely
satisfy your material handling
System Model Numbers
VT100 VT120 VT140
Porous Non-
Porous Non-
lb (kg) lb (kg) lb (kg) lb (kg) lb (kg) lb (kg) lb (kg) lb (kg) lb (kg)
VB3HF-S 30 (14) 23 (10) 15 (7) 50 (23) 38 (17) 25 (11) 75 (34) 56 (25) 38 (17)
VB4HF-S 55 (25) 47 (21) 40 (18) 80 (36) 70 (23) 60 (27) 110 (50) 95 (43) 85 (39)
VB6-S 100 (45) 75 (34) 50 (23) 145 (66) 110 (50) 70 (32) 195 (88) 145 (66) 100 (45)
VB7HV-S 85 (39) 65 (29) 45 (20) 125 (57) 95 (43) 60 (27) 160 (73) 125 (57) 80 (36)
VB9HV-S 95 (43) 70 (32) 50 (23) 140 (63) 105 (48) 70 (32) 185 (84) 140 (63) 95 (43)
Typical System Pricing For a VT, vacuum lifting tube system for handling cartons
described as weighing 75 lbs.
Model No. Description
VT140-2.5-A Tube Assembly, 140mm x 2.5m Tube w/Head & Top Swivel
FLT-3-1.5A Filter Assembly, FLT-3 w/Gauge & Adapters for 1.5" Hose
HP-VTKIT150 Connection Kit for VT Systems (25'+6' of Hose w/Cuffs)
VB7HV-S Vacuum Station, 5.0 HP (3.73 Kw) Direct Drive Pump
VTB-12-M Beam Assembly, 12" for Mini VT/VB Systems
T-040105 Pad Attachment, 4"x10.5" Clevis Mount (102mm x 267mm)
__ $140____
TOTAL ...................................................................................................
Model No. Description Price
SDE-7 Sound Deadening Enclosure for VB7HV $737.10
VTMEXH-12/12 Handle, Extension Adder, VT-Mini, 12" x 12" (305mm x 305mm).
Other handle lengths available.
HP150-25 Connection Kit for VT Systems (25'+6' of Hose w/Cuffs) $63.14
HPC150-CON Vacuum Station, 5.0 HP (3.73 Kw) Direct Drive Pump $5.84
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Attachment, Vacuum Lifters, Vacuum Lifting Equipment, Vacuum Tube Lifter, and Vacuum Lift Systems from
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