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rubber based adhesive tapes MightyLine floor tapes are revolu-
tionary durable heavy duty floor tapes
that are quick and easy to install, can
be easily removed from plant floor configuration, and do not require
production down time to install or
remove. MightyLine is available in 7
stocked solid colors (yellow, white,
red, blue, green, orange and black),
three varieties of diagonally striped
tape (see MightyLine Diagonal Stripe
) in (yellow & black, white &
black, and red & white), and three
versions of 4" yellow with a black
center stripe, a blue center stripe or
a glow-in-the-dark center stripe
(see MightyGlow). MightyLine tapes
come in 2", 3", 4" and 6" widths.
Also check out our MightyLine Lean
Visual Aid Tools
for Dots, Footprints,
Angles and T's. Also check out our site
for Checkerboard Tape.
adhesive tapes on floor
Our high-strength, double-coated tape features a
removable pressure sensitive rubber-based adhesive.
It delivers immediate quick stick, yet allows for
removal without leaving residue
washing or mopping floor
Just Peel and Stick!
MightyLine's high-strength, double-coated tape
features a removable pressure sensitive rubber-
based adhesive which offers an immediate quick
stick application, yet allows for easy removal
without leaving residue.
peeling adhesive tapes cutting adhesive tapes
red adhesive tape adhesive tape on floor
Standardized Visual Control Tape
Easy-on Applicator
colors for adhesive tapes
applicator for tapes
Our easy-on Applicator makes the job even faster.
Install 1,500 feet in an hour or less. The MightyLine
Easy-On Applicator is equipped with an adjustable
laser and engineered with true-tracking construction,
making your job a breeze.
It's the law... Safety code designations for tape colors
as recommended per OSHA 29 CFR 1910-144(a).

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Model No.
Rolls Prices
Std MightyLine 2" with Rubber Based Adhesive
Std MightyLine 3" with rubber based adhesive
Std MightyLine 4" with rubber based adhesive
Std MightyLine 6" with rubber based adhesive
4" Std MightyLine w different colored center line
MightyLine Applicator
All Rolls are 100 ft long in length.
MightyLine, Floor Tapes, Peel and Stick, Durable Strip, Aisle Marking, Aisle Marking Tape, Aisle Marking Tapes,
Easy-On Applicator, and Aisle Striping from your source for material handling equipment.
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