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Lifts Small, Light Loads
With a smaller diameter lifting tube and lifting pads
smaller in area than used on our Standard or Mini Tube
Lift systems, the Micro system is especially suited for
lifting small, light loads.
Easy Festooning
The Micro VT90 System's use of a small diameter
supply hose makes festooning lighter and less cumbersome.
Ergonomic Operation
The Micro VT90's subcompact design allows for quick,
easy, ergonomic operation in close proximity to the
operator. Its handles permit one or two hand operation.
Smooth Operation
The control head handle is easy to grasp with operator
controls designed for smooth, effortless operation.
Production Lifting and Packaging
The Micro Tube system's continuous duty cycle lifting
and packing small, compact items on a fast paced
production basis.
High Quality
As with all Tube Lift Systems, Micro VT90 Vacuum tube
lift systems are manufactured using only the highest
quality processes.
The Micro Tube Lifter VT90, the newest addition to our line of
vacuum tube lifting systems, features a lifting tube with a
diameter of only 90 mm (3.54"), a sub-compact size control
head, and smaller vacuum attachment pads.
Lifts up to 65 lb (29 kg)
Non-porous loads weighing as much as 65 pounds
(29 kg) can be easily handled with the Micro VT90
Load Lifting Capacity Range
Low Price
Micro VT90 Tube Systems are economically priced and
the most affordable choice where repetitive handling of
lightweight, compact loads is required.
To request a quote, or phone consultation,
please click on the 'Quote' link at the top
(or bottom) of the page to submit your
System Model Number
Non-Porous Semi-Porous Porous
lb (kg) lb (kg) lb (kg)
VB3HF-S 25 (11) 18 (8) 12 (5)
VB4HF-S 45 (20) 37 (17) 30 (14)
VB7HV-S 65 (29) 48 (22) 32 (15)
Important Note:
These capacity ranges should only be used as general guidelines.
Actual system capacities depend on several factors (load surface
porosity, load density, vacuum station, pad attachments, etc.
Sound Deadening Enclosures
Pumps for Special Applications
Optional sound deadening enclosures can reduce
operating noise by approximately 6 dB.
For specialized lifting applications, we are able to offer
alternate vacuum stations, including systems with pumps
designed for use in hazardous duty, explosive
environments and for wash-down applications.
Energy Efficient
These pumps are far more energy efficient, require less
horsepower, and operate at a speed of only 3500-rpm
vs. the 7000-rpm common with belt-drive pumps.
Optional Mounting
Optional stands and wall mounting brackets are
available to assist in locating these vacuum pumps
away from the work area.
Ready to Use
All regenerative pumps are equipped with exhaust
mufflers, filters with vacuum gauges for monitoring
the overall system performance, fittings, and hose,
Vacuum relief valves to prevent the pumps from
operating under a deadhead condition are optionally
Optional Wireless Remote Control
All tube lift systems can be fitted with a wireless
remote control for powering the vacuum pump, useful
when the pump is mounted remotely from the
operator's station. The remote control can be attached
to the lifter control head or supplied with a belt clip to
be worn by the operator.
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your complete source for material handling equipment.
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