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The Magna ImpacDor® is a flexible panel PVC door designed for heavy-duty use. With a full width crystal clear
upper vision section for optimum safety and a gray opaque lower impact section, the Magna ImpacDor® is ideal for
heavy-duty forklift, pallet jack, pushcart and pedestrian use.
Engineered for heavy-duty use The Magna is designed
for the most demanding commercial, industrial and food
processing applications where built-in durability is required.
Tough wear resistant .394” thick flexible PVC panels
absorb the initial impact of loads passing through the Magna
door. PVC panels are easy to clean and maintain and can be
inexpensively replaced when necessary. Also available in
Low Temperature formulation for freezers.

magna impacdor
Durable, maintenance-free, and easy to install
The Magna features galvanized steel hinges for corrosion
resistance. The Magna’s upper and lower mounting brackets
are low profile thus out of the way of impact collision damage.
Ninety percent of the Magna’s weight rests on the floor so
no special jamb reinforcement is necessary.
Adjustable closing mechanism The adjustable torsion
spring closing mechanism allows the Magna to swing on an
even plane and can be adjusted to compensate for wind or
negative pressure conditions. Panels overlap in the
center 3” for better sealing.
Custom made to exact size The Magna ImpacDor®
may be custom made to suit your application for opening
sizes up to 8’ x 10’. Transoms (strip curtains)
are available for openings higher than 10’.
torsion spring adjuster Industrial Plants
Food Processing Plants
Pharmaceutical and Medical Facilities
Retail Stores
• Crystal clear PVC upper section fused with gray
   opaque PVC lower, .394” thick
• Opaque lower portion keeps door looking great
   after repeated use
• Designed for heavy-duty industrial, commercial and
   food processing traffic
• Adjustable torsion spring closing mechanism assures
   180º swing capability on an even plane
• Lower threaded adjuster makes for quick and easy
   installation and alignment
• Finished panels may be field modified by as much
    as 4” in height and 5” in width.
   Custom sizes available.

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Height Width
5' 6' 7' 8'
* Call us for part numbers not shown, replacement part availability and pricing.

Magna Specifications: 3/8" flexible PVC, clear
traffic doors
3/8” crystal clear PVC
[   ] Standard (indoor/outdoor)
[   ] Low-Temp
Galvanized full-length vertical frame of
13 or 11 gauge wall thickness (depending
on overall door size)
Adjustable torsion spring. Swings on
even plane 180° .
Up to 2” in height and 5” in width.
Consult us.

Magna ImpacDor® Installation Instructions
• Pen or Pencil to Mark Holes
• Drill
• Crescent Wrench
• Step Stool or Ladder
• Retaining Tool
Receiving and Handling
Upon receipt of your traffic door, uncrate and check unit for shipping
damage and/or missing parts. Any damage to the crate or packaging
material should be noted on the carrier bill of lading. Exterior damage may
indicate concealed damage.
Doorway Preparation
The key to proper operation of your traffic door is that the lintel is level and
the jambs plumb and square with the lintel. Building materials, which make
up the lintel and jambs must be in good condition and solid to accommodate
the weight and action of your traffic door.
Traffic Door Preparation
Check the dimensions of your doorway with those of your traffic door. The
overall height of the traffic door panels (including hinge frame) should be ¾”
less than the height of your doorway opening. Tighten the lower threaded
adjustor (A) aligning the lower pivot pin (B) with the bottom edge of your
PVC door panel (C). Open the spring arms (D) and slide down over the
spacer plate (not shown in drawing).

impacdor magna doors 1. Secure the upper mounting plate (F) centerline of lintel.
If necessary, use shims to insure it is level and square with
the door jambs. Secure with proper fasteners (not supplied)
depending on your lintel material or weld in place.
2. Position lower mounting plate (G) aligning the lower pivot
hole (H) with the pivot hole (I) in the upper mounting plate
(F). Secure with proper fasteners (not supplied) or weld
in place.
3. Raise traffic door panel to the vertical position guiding
lower pivot pin (B) into pivot hole (H) in lower mounting
plate (G). Be careful not to release the bearing enclosed.
4. Align upper pivot pin (J) with pivot hole (I) in upper
mounting plate (F). Screw out lower threaded adjustor
(A), which will raise the door panel into its proper position.
Be sure spring arms (D) slide over the upper adjustor (E)
located on the upper mounting plate (F). A space of 3/8”
should be left between the horizontal hinge arm and the
lintel of the opening.
5. Tighten locking nut (K) to secure door panel in place.
6. Use upper adjustor (E) to position the door panel in
impact doors
the center of the lintel. After alignment is achieved tighten
locking nut.
7. Repeat same procedure for second traffic door panel
(bi-parting models only).
Adjusting the Tension
The torsion spring mechanisms are adjusted at the factory
for normal operation of the traffic doors. Releasing the
tension completely is not advised and care should be taken
not to over-tighten as damage to the spring may occur.
doors To Increase Tension:
1. Open door panel to 90 degrees. Insert a retaining tool
(N) (not supplied) in the second free hole of the adjusting
ring (L) starting from the one into which the pin is already
2. Allow the door panel to close slightly until the retaining
tool (N) inserted into the adjusting ring (L) rests against
the inside of the doorway.
3. Remove the pin and slowly recluse the door panel until
the inside hole of the mechanism matches up with the new
hole in the adjusting ring.
4. Insert the pin (M) in the new hole.
To Decrease Tension:
The procedure is the same as increasing the tension with
the following two differences:
1. The retaining tool must be inserted only one hole
away from the pin.
insect barriers
2. When the pin has been removed, the door panel must be
opened instead of closed to insert the pin in its new
Supra Model door panels may be field modified. Ultra
Model door panels may be field modified up to 4” in width
and 2” in height.
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