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plastic container and pallets
plastic container and pallets

MACX Solid

MACX Vented

A complete line of plastic container and pallets for
industrial, agricultrual and food processing applications
worldwide. Our products offer a unique level of quality,
performance and cost-effective advantages unlike any
other containers and pallets on the market. Engineered
from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) structural foam,
these strong, yet lightweight, completely reusable
containers and pallets offer increased life span, superior
corrosion resistance, and virtually no maintenance.
MACX containers are built to meet the most regorous
demands in industrial, food processing and agricultural
applications. These all plastic, fixed wall containers are
rugged and recyclable. MACX containers meet
USDA/HACCP standards for food handling, and can
be steam cleaned. Extremely temperature resistant and
stackable to 10 high.
Choose from available stock colors above,
or request a custom color.
plastic container and pallets plastic container and pallets plastic container and pallets
Stackable to 10 high
even when fully loaded
Nest three containers to save
storage space and transport costs
• 3 full-bin sizes/1 half-bin size
• Maintenance-free HDPE plastic
• Solid or vented walls
• Runner options to meet any material handling
   system (see chart)
• 4-way and 2-way lift entry options
• MACX bins stack interchangeably
• Stack up to 10 high
• Nest when empty
• Corrosion- and UV-resistant
• Heat- and cold-resistant from -40°F to 140°F
• Meet USDA/HACCP standards for food product
• Reusable and 100% recyclable
• No minimum order for standard products/options
• Solid bins available in seven colors (or custom
   colors with minimum order)
• Vented bins stocked in gray only
Outside Dimensions 48" x 40" x 31"
Internal Dimensions 45" x 36.75" x 25.75"
Weight Capacity 1,500 lbs
Volume Capacity 190 ga.; 20.4 bu.; 25.4 cu ft.
Stack Load 14,000 lbs
Tare Weight 92 lbs
Stack Height Up to 10
Material High-density polyethylene
structural foam
Runners Replaceable and available on
both the 48" & 40" sides.
Call for pricing on customizing any of our containers
to include:

• Stackable wheels • Removable doors
• Reinforced runners • Drainage ports and Valves
• USDA plugs • Openings on sidewalls • Straps
• Locks and hinges • Lids • Special dimensions
plastic container and pallets
plastic container and pallets
Long Side
Short Side
MACX Injection Lid

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Model No.
Gray, Long Side
150 lbs
Gray, Short Side
150 lbs
Blue, Long Side
150 lbs
Blue, Short Side
150 lbs
Gray, Long Side
150 lbs
Gray, Short Side
150 lbs
White, Long Side
150 lbs
White, Short Side
150 lbs
Yellow, Long Side
150 lbs
Yellow, Short Side
150 lbs
Green, Long Side
150 lbs
Green, Short Side
150 lbs
Red, Long Side
150 lbs
Red, Short Side
150 lbs
Black, Long Side
150 lbs
Black, Short Side
150 lbs
Lid for MACX Bins - 48" x 40" x 3"
**Note: Blue (100), Gray (103), Yellow (101) & White (110)
MACX Shipping and Storage Containers, Bulk Container, Polyethylene, Plastic Bulk Containers, Plastic Bulk Bin, meet
USDA/HACCP Standards for Food Handling, Bulk Tote Boxes, Plastic Storage Bin, Stackable, and Recyclable from your source
for material handling equipment.
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