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Lockable Load Binders

Lockable Load Binders are ideal for campers, trailers or famers and provide a 5400 lbs working load limit.
• Provides 5,400 lbs working load
• Ideal for trailers, campers, or farmers
• Used for chain binding applications
   in trucking and marine industries
• Heavy-duty, forged steel construction
• Uniform Proof Capacity: 10,000lbs
• Ultimate Uniform Capacity:
• Accommodates 5/16" to 3/8" chain
• Insert lock through hole for
   maximum theft protection (note:
   padlock is not included)
For maximum theft protection, insert a lock through the hole of the Lockable Load Binder.
Rachet Type
Model No. LBDR-13-L
Lever Type
Model No. LBDR-9-L

Lockable Load Binders have a heavy-duty forged steel construction.

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Lockable Load Binders Prices
Model No.
Take Up
Net Weight
Lockable Load Lever Binder
3 3/4"
10 lbs
Lockable Load Ratchet Binder
15 lbs
Lockable Load Binders, Load Binders, Lockable Load Ratchet Binder, Lockable Load Lever Binder, Forged Steel Construction,
Ratchet Type, and Lever Type from your source for material handling equipment.
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