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Type B Assemblies
Two piece assemblies with one 12" nominal fixed length** end and one adjustable length end. Numerous end fittings
are available to handle any requirements. (See below)
• 1" wide polyester webbing
• Ultimate strength - 2,100 lbs. *
• Working Load Limit - 700 lbs. *
load hugger cargo control ratchet
* When using flat hooks in Series 1,000, ultimate strength is 1,000 lbs., Working load limit is 330 lbs.
** When using chain anchor fittings, fixed end length is 24".

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*Contact Us For Special Lengths*
Ultimate Strength *(lbs.)
Working Load Limit (lbs.)
1" Wide Polyester
2,100 with Ratchet** / 1,000 with Cam
700 with Ratchet** / 330 with Cam
Series 1,000
Part No. Price Part No. Price
**flat hook ratchet Ratchet 1.0 60102 6A102
CAM 0.6 60110 6A110
stamped snap hook ratchet Ratchet 1.4 60104 6A104
CAM 0.9 60113 6A113
u-hook ratchet Ratchet 1.0 60101 6A101
CAM 0.6 60109 6A109
hook & keeper ratchet Ratchet 1.4 60105 6A105
CAM 1.0 60114 6A114
open hook ratchet Ratchet w/vinyl hooks 1.6 60103 6A103
Ratchet w/zinc hooks 1.5 60106 6A106
CAM 1.2 60111 6A111
CAM 1.1 60112 6A112
endless retchet Ratchet 0.8 60107 6A107
CAM 0.4 60108 6A108
Note: Because end terminations vary proportionally with size, check with us if critical dimensions are required.
Non-standard lengths available upon request.
* Ultimate strength of assembly when new.
** Exception: When used with Flat Hooks, 1" Ratchet Assembly rating is 1,000 lbs. ULTIMATE STRENGTH
and 330 lbs. WORKING LOAD LIMIT.


Sliding Sleeve corner protectors for ratchet
• Double walled tubular product
• Specify length when ordering
• Protects Load Hugger webbing from
   abrasion and helps resist cutting
Ratchet Protector
A sewn fabric pad used to protect surface finish of cargo and
ratchet mechanism. Specify with order.
Corner Protector
A movable, rust-proof copolymer corner guard. Protects Load
Hugger from sharp corners. Tough enough to be used with either
chain or webbing.

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  For Use With: Model No. Price
Per Ft.
sliding sleeve  1" Web 60117
2" Web 60118
3" Web 60119
4" Web 60120
ratchet protector  1" Web 1RP
2" Web 2RP
3" Web 3RP
4" Web 4RP
corner protector 
1"-4" Web

Load Hugger BASICS

Load Hugger cargo control and load securement products are of the highest quality. They offer the van and
flatbed operator a wide variety of options to meet Department of Transportation and CVSA requirements.*
Features, Advantages and Benefits Department of Transportation Regulations 393, 102(b)
use Ultimate Breaking Strength to calculate the number
of tiedown assemblies required to secure a load.
Promotes Safety
• Flexible, conforms to and controls the load
We publish Ultimate Strength for this purpose only.
For safety, we recommend that only Working Load
Limits be used for your calculations.
• Ratchet assembly allows easy adjustment
• All hooks and chain assemblies equal or exceed
   strength of webbing
Environmental Considerations
• Meet all DOT (Department of Transportation)
   and CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance)
• Nylon and polyester are seriously degraded at
   temperatures above 200° F.
• Prolonged exposure to Ultraviolet light adversely
   affects nylon and polyester. Tie down straps become
   bleached and stiff when exposed to sunlight or arc
Saves Money
• Soft and wide - does not damage costly cargo
• Large selection - choose the capacity that’s right for
   the load carried
• Many acids, alkalis and chemicals have an adverse
   effect on nylon and polyester.
Saves Time
• Light weight, easy to handle
WARNING: These products may contain chemicals
known to the State of California to cause cancer and/
or birth defects or other reproductive harm.
• Large selection of end fastenings, winches and
   ratchets make choosing and using the correct
   assembly easy
Safe Operating Practices
Inspection Criteria
• Inspect tie down straps and all hardware when load
   is first being secured.
Remove from service if any of the following are
• Re-tighten tie downs periodically during run.
• Cuts, holes, surface abrasion or crushed areas
• Never use Load Huggers for anything other than
   securing cargo. Do not use for lifting loads or towing
• Burns or chemical damage
• Separation of load carrying stitch pattern
• Hardware, fittings or tensioning devices which are
   broken, bent, twisted, cracked, or have nicks and
• Load should be securely blocked and stabilized
   before tensioning the straps.
• Never exceed rated capacities.
• Knotted webbing
• Use caution when tossing straps and chain anchor
   assemblies over a load.
• Splices or other makeshift repairs
• Damaged loop ends
• Check installation of portable winches - ratchet pawl
   must be at top of toothed wheel and bolts tight against
   the rub rail.
Working Load Limit: The maximum load that may
routinely be applied to an assembly or component in
straight tension.
• Weld-on winches should not be cracked.
• Corner protectors and wear pads should be used to
   protect Load Huggers from sharp edges and abrasion.
Ultimate Strength: The load at which an assembly or
component will fail in testing.
• All hardware must be in line with direction of pull to
   achieve full strength.
* CVSA - Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
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Load Hugger Cargo Control Ratchet Assemblies, Two Piece Assemblies, Polyester Webbing, One Piece (Endless), Wear Pads,
Sliding Sleeve, Ratchet Protector, and Corner Protector from your source for material handling equipment.
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