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Grand Contour Swing
Welded Rod, Laser, and Expanded Metal

6' Laser Swing
See below page for Grand Contour Swing Specification
The perfect blend of form and function come together
from the contoured one-piece design of our polysteel
swings. As a natural insulator, our PVC-coating feels
cooler to the touch in summer and warmer in the winter
and provides a more comfortable fit as you sway in the
breeze! As with all our polysteel products, the lift of our
swings is enhanced by the UV protectant that is baked
on and is also mold and mildew resistant. The com-
mercial grade cast iron hinges, stainless steel hardware
and 100% coated steel make polysteel swings a
maintenance-free seating solution.
The Grand Contour swing is available in expanded metal,
welded rod, and laser cut steel. Add a personalized
memorial plate to any swing and commemorate an event
or loved one. Plate design and lettering are customizable
and priced accordingly.
  Champion picnic tables are available in twelve standard colors (custom colors are
available) and feature an umbrella hole in most models. Choose from a variety of
styles and mounts to fit your location.
See below page for Patio Table and Chairs Specification

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Model Description Weight Price
Welded Rod
939-S02 4' Grand Contour Swing, Direct Bury 180
939-S12 6' Grand Contour Swing, Driect Bury 210
971-S02 4' Grand Contour Swing, Direct Bury 190
971-S12 6' Grand Contour Swing, Driect Bury 225
Expanded Metal
4' Grand Contour Swing, Direct Bury
6' Grand Contour Swing, Driect Bury
Polysteel Specifications for for all Grand Contour swings. Plastisol specifications included.

Specifications for Grand Contour Swing
Bench Stands 4’ & 6’ benches: made of 2.375” OD pipe. Inline & 45 degree benches: made of 1.66 OD pipe.

Swing Frame Post: 2” sch 40 pipe Swivel: Galvanized cast iron with bronze bushing Chain: 3/16” proof coil grade 30.

Expanded Seat HR steel 3/4” #9 standard expanded metal.

Welded Rod Seat is .192 welded rod.

Laser Seat is 12 gauge HR steel. Side frame of 1/4” HR plate, width frame of 1/4” x 1” HR steel.

All above are plastisol coated with UV and fungus resistant oven cured plastisol to a thickness of approximately 1/8”.
All hardware is .304 stainless steel.

Pipe has no holes to allow access by bees or other insects.

Specifications for Plastisol (PVC) Poly-Vinyl Chloride Coating

      Material: Plastisol (PVC) shall have:
            Antimicrobial (non-leaching) to help prevent microbiological attack on the plastisol (PVC) surface that can
                  cause the loss of aesthetic appearance, mildew odors, embrittlement and premature product failure. Testing
                  Data available Per ASTM G21-90.
            Tensile strength of no less than 1800 psi per ASTM D412.
            Elongation of no less than 200% per ASTM D412
            Tear strength of no less than 300lb/in per ASTM D624.
            Hardness of 90 ± 5 (Durometer, Shore A (Instant)) per ASTM D2240.
            Flammability – Pass per FMVSS 302
            UV stabilized – guaranteed to not show significant fading for 5 years per written warranty
      Process: Prior to plastisol coating, each part shall be chemically washed, dried, heated and coated in a heat
             activated primer and dried. After drying, each part shall be pre-heated in a convection oven to a tempera-
            ture of no less than 400° F, dipped into liquid Plastisol (PVC) and cured in a convection oven at a temper-
            ature no less than 350° F. All parts shall have a coating thickness of .125”-.25”.

Polysteel products are completely plastisol coated (frames and legs included) with a thick, UV stabilized, mold and
mildew resistant plastisol coating which is compliant with worldwide standards. Polysteel is committed to being an
environmentally conscious company and recognizes the importance of being committed to continually finding
ways to support our environment.

Grand Contour Swing, Welded Rod Swing, Expanded Metal Swing, Plastisol Coated Contour Swing, Laser Cut Steel
Contour Swing, Contour Bench Swing and Bench Swing with Stand from your source for material handling equipment.
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