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portable security gate
Portable Security Gates extend up to 12' and are
a quick and easy way to seal off any area.
The Only Portable Security Gate Made With
Heavy-Duty Galvanized Steel.
That means they
withstand year round weather like heat, rain and
snow. They won't be harmed by harsh industrial
chemicals or cleaners either.
Portable Security Gates Roll Away, Out of
Sight When Not In Use.
Making them perfect
for temporary access control. Seal off access to
any area temporarily and still allow multiple entry
They're Riveted Back to Back with Aircraft
Quality Aluminum Rivets
. They'll hold up to
more stress and they wont ever rust, they won't
crack and the webbing won't separate.
Need a Custom Portable Security Gate? No
Problem! — no matter what your situation is, we
can build a gate to your specs.
Portable Security Gates can be used virtually
anywhere and any way you need them, including,
sealing school hallways, closing elevator banks,
restricting access in offices, factories or ware-
houses. And they're easy to collapse, allowing
open, easy access again. And when collapsed
they'll go through any doorway and can be stored
in a closet!
Portable Security Gate Products are perfect for providing
temporary access control in any area — including entryways,
hallways — anywhere!
Portable Security Gates easily collapse
to go through any doorway.
Affix Portable Security Gates to posts to control access
in open areas without doorways.

portable security gate
Gates extend up to 12' and with 6' add-ons you can seal off an area of any width. Use a starter gate from 6' to 12' wide,
then simply use add-on gates for each additional 6' needed. And add lockable drop pins to add additional security for
wide openings. When not in use, gates simply fold up and roll away for storage. They'll fit through a doorway as small
as 28”!
Portable Security Gates allow light and air circulation while still providing moveable safety and security. They're an
integral part of any safe, secure environment.
Our Portable Security Gate can be rolled to a site and lock to a wall with the included locking bar. To remove the gate,
simply unlock the locking bar and roll away out of sight! Gates roll easily on 3” rubber casters.

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Model No. Max. Width Collapsed Height In-Use Height Stacked Width Weight (Lbs.) Price
XL1265 Up to 12' 6' 6" 6' 27" 135
XL1270 Up to 12' 7' 6' 6" 27" 140
XL1275 Up to 12' 7' 6" 7' 27" 146
XL1280 Up to 12' 8' 7' 6" 27" 172
XL1285 Up to 12' 8' 6" 8' 27" 180
XL665 Up to 6' 6' 6" 6' 11" 64
XL670 Up to 6' 7' 6' 6" 11" 65
XL675 Up to 6' 7' 6" 7' 11" 70
XL680 Up to 6' 8' 7' 6" 11" 80
XL685 Up to 6' 8' 6" 8' 11" 85
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Security Gates, Portable Gates, Retractable Security Gates, and Rolling Security Gates from your complete source for
material handling equipment.
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