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For Workers Who Can't Sit Down On The Job!

The new patent-pending Gravity Lock System allows infinite interval seat height adjustment
within a generous 10" range, and provides positive locking at the set-height.

ergonomically designed sit stand stools Technical/Ergonomic Features

• Base design allows positioning up close to work
   station or production lines.

• Extremely stable, but not at all bulky.
• Ergonomically formed, padded polyurethane seat.
• Unlimited seat height adjustment within a 10" range.
• Gravity lock system.
• Seat angle adjustment within a 20 degree range.
• Seat rotates left and right with memory return to
   12 o'clock position.
No. 2092N - Black.............................$708.67

NEW Patent Pending Design
Sit-Stands are now equipped with a patent-pending ergonomic height adjustment mechanism
that allows easy height adjustment and secure locking.

ergonomic stools


The following criteria offer a useful check list for defining ergonomic seating. It is the total mix of these design features
and characteristics that make it possible to improve workers’ comfort, while reducing fatigue, physical stress and the
potential for musculoskeletal disorders.

1. Pneumatic Adjustablility
 Allows quick, easy changes in seat height.
ergonomic sit stand stool
2. Seat Tilt.
Affords posture balance during prolonged tasks
that require workers to bend forward.
3. Durable Seat Construction.
Microcellular, self-skinning polyurethane or high
density foam construction assures durability and
long lasting support to maintain worker comfort.
4. Ergonomic Seat Design.
Waterfall fronts ease pressure behind knees.
Saddle shape contour supports weight evenly.
5. Seat Height Adjustment.
A wide seat height adjustment allows workers,
whether tall, short or in-between, to adjust their
chairs for maximum comfort. This is critical in
multi-shift operations where the same chair may
be used by two or even three different workers.
6. Contoured Seat Backs.
Tilt to maintain lumbar support. Adjust vertically,
forward and backward to fit different workers.
7. Foot Supports.
Reduce fatigue, alleviate muscle strain, promote
better circulation. Multi-level industrial footrests.
Adjustable operational footring.
8. Upholstery.
Self-skinning, microcellular polyurethane resists
tears, punctures and spills in shop floor applications.
Abrasion resistant fabric (1,000,000 double rubs)
offers durability, breathability.
9. Five Leg Base.
Maximize stability with footprints of 26", 25" or
23" or 19" diameter, determined by chair style.
10. Warranty.
A strong warranty is your assurance that the
ergonomic seating you select is built to last.
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