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Column Sentry® column protectors cushion those big bumps, preventing expensive column damage.
Column Sentry is Column Sentry® is the original, patented column
protector, saving interior building columns by sur-
rounding them with a cushion of air. This protector
is very easy to install, without using any tools, and
is extremely effective at column damage prevention.
It is available in a number of sizes to fit most every
column. This column protector is highly visible in its
standard safety yellow color, preventing forklift col-
lisions. When hit, Column Sentry flexes, protecting
the column, the forklift, and the forklift operator. The
protector is molded of low-density polyethylene,
making it tough while keeping it maintenance free.
• Incredibly Tough
• Highly Visible
• Easily Installed
• Surprisingly Cost-effective
• Extremely versatile
Column Sentry's patented air-chamber makes it

Sentry's air-vent system provides the best protection
available for a column protection device. This unique
system allows air to escape during impact, allowing
the column protector to absorb impact without splitting
the sides.
Column Sentry® FE is a special version of the
Column Sentry product outfitted with a cutout designed
to allow and protect items mounted on the column. This
cutout is 10" (25cm) wide by 8" (20cm) deep, resulting
in a height of 34" at the cutout. FE stands for Fire
Extinguisher, and this was the original purpose for this
Now Proven to be the best column damage
prevention available:
In a recent test conducted by
a recognized international testing company, Column
Sentry® proved to be significantly more resistant to
impact than the leading imitation protectors. Testing
was done on similar sized products and found that
the genuine Column Sentry® protector was 83%
more effective in resisting impact than the imitation
column protector.
Customers needed to mount a fire extinguisher on the
column, but because of OSHA regulations, could not
mount this above the protector. The cutout solution
worked so well, it soon became popular where any
types of item, such as electrical boxes or outlets, were
mounted to the face of the column.

The Column Sentry® FE product is available in both
the 8"x8" and the 12"x12" size. The product is installed
in the same manner as the standard Column Sentry®
products. The cutout within the low-density polyethy-
lene column padding does not affect the location or
the function of the hook & loop straps.

Column Sentry FE comes in yellow or red color.
Purchasing this product in red does not affect the price,
but may delay shipment.
Column Sentry Under Mezzanine
Column Sentry products installed where a
mezzanine would be vulnerable to forklift collisions
in a distribution facility
Column Sentry surrounds interior building
columns protecting the column, the fork truck,
and the operator

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Column Sentry Prices
Model No.
4"x 4" Square
30 lbs
6" x 6" Square
30 lbs
6"x 6" Square
56 lbs
8" x 8" Square
56 lbs
8" x 8" Square w/FE Cutout
56 lbs
8"x 10" H
56 lbs
9" Round
56 lbs
10" x 10" Square
56 lbs
10" x 10" H
56 lbs
12" x 12" Square
56 lbs
12" x 12" Square w/FE Cutout
56 lbs
14" x 14" Square
75 lbs
16" x 16" Square
75 lbs
Extra Large
18" x 18" Square
90 lbs
20" x 20" Square
90 lbs
12" x 24" Rectangle
90 lbs
Extra Extra Large
30" Round
99 lbs
The protector is delivered with two sides and the attaching hook'n'loop strap.

Column Sentry Caps
The Column Sentry Cap adds a sloped top to any sized Column Sentry
industrial wall bumper. The Multi-sized cap comes in a standard size with
templates for most of our Medium sized (24"/610mm) o.d. sizes. Simply
cut along the template and use the included fasteners to wrap around your
column creating a cone shaped cap on top of the Column Sentry industrial
wall bumper.
This photo shows the Column
Sentry Cap in its flat form and
what it looks like with fasteners.
The product is shipped in
cartons of four in the standard Column Sentry yellow.
Column Sentry Straps
Column Sentry products are installed by wrapping 2" (50mm) nylon weave
straps around and fastening by hook and loop closure.

Replacement straps are available in any size (S, M, L, XL) with hook and
loop closures.

In addition, for those wishing a more secure closure for the wall bumper,
cinch-straps are available.

Order Online, by Phone, or by E-Mail

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Column Sentry Accessories Prices
Model No.
Replacement Straps
Small: 52" Length (Qty 2)
Medium: 81" Length (Qty 2)
Large: 109" Length (Qty 2)
XL: 126" Length, (Qty 2)
Adjustable Cinch Strap: 2" x 130" (Qty 2)
Multi-Sized Caps
For Medium Column Sentry (4/Carton)
For Large Column Sentry (4/Carton)

Column Sentry Installation
Order the correct sized Column Sentry® column
protector according to the size of your industrial
column. The protector is delivered with two sides
and the attaching hook'n'loop strap.
First, place the product around the column
and extend the straps around the installed
protector. Finally, press the hook and loop
straps together for a tight fit.
That's it! The installation process
for the protector is that simple!
Column Sentry, Corner Protectors, Bollard, Polyethylene, Column Protectors, Commercial Railing, Folding Gates, Guard Rails,
Guardrail, Machine Guards, Rail, Protective Guards, Railing, and Traffic Barricade from your source for material handling
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