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Collision Sentry®

Making Noise in Collision Awareness
Collision Sentry, the collision warning system is making noise - literally. With the recent addition of sound alert to the award-winning product, Collision Sentry now delivers a one-two punch when it comes to warning of impending collisions at blind corner intersections.

In industrial settings where forklift traffic and pedestrians intersect, Collision Sentry forklift collision detection and avoidance products can help reduce or eliminate "blind corner" collisions by providing an audio and visual warning that alerts forklift drivers and pedestrians to approaching traffic. Working like a traffic light to flash a warning, the patent-pending Collision Sentry offers an audio alert, is easy to install, self-powered, highly visible and reliable.
The Collision Sentry Advantage
Audio Warning
• Loud enough to be heard within the corner zone; pitch sets it apart from
   other background noise
• Volume can be adjusted (high/low) or turned off
• Sounds ONLY when motion is detected on both sides of the corner
• Synchronized with light flash to reinforce warning

Visual Warning

• Flashes ONLY when motion is detected on both sides of the corner
• LED lights angled; increasing light's intensity and optimizing visibility
• Beam focused for best visibility and the concentrated lens increases the

Installation (see below for installation instructions)
• Integrated, recessed magnet mounts snap on to rack for a secure, tight fit
• Integrated mounting points for attaching unit to nonmagnetic surfaces
• Optimal installation height is 7-9 feet

Passive Infrared Motion Sensors
• Detection zone 20-25" in each direction
• Alert sent in ample time to take corrective action
• Preset and ready to use

• Standard D-cell batteries (included)
• Blue light, beeping low battery indicator
• Battery life tested to a minimum of 12 months

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Collision Sentry Prices
Model No.
Warning System with Audio - Height of 7"
3 lbs
Pack of 8
24 lbs
Installation Instructions
Inspect your product for any visible signs of damage.
To activate the Collision Sentry, pull out the plastic battery tab located
inside the unit. Remove the door on the front of the unit, pull the tab and
replace the door. This activates the three (3) "D" cell batteries that are
included with each unit. The LED lights will begin blinking as the device becomes oriented to the environment. During this warm-up period, the
blue low battery indicator also flashes.

Always activate the unit prior to installation. Pull the tab, close the
door and the install the unit to the upright.
The ideal placement for the unit is at a height between 7' and 9' (2-2.75 m). Install with the mounting tabs at the top. The lights and sound will continue
to react until 3 seconds after the motion discontinues.
Use the integrated magnets on the back to "snap" the unit to a metallic
corner or rack.
The included nylon tether provides extra security when mounting the unit
using the magnets. Using the tether is optional but recommended.
Use the integrated mounting tabs to install the unit directly to nonmetallic
The product needs about 20 seconds to acclimate to the new environment
and "learn" its new surroundings. During this warm-up, the warning lights
will flash. The lights will go solid red for four seconds at the end of the
warm-up period. This indicates the product is ready to use.
Collision Sentry Corner Pro ships with the audio alarm activated
and set to the highest volume. This alarm can be adjusted using the
switches found inside the unit and located below the battery
compartment. (See illustration). There are two switches used for
adjusting the volume – a high/low switch and an off/on switch.
1. Remove the door on the front of the unit.
2. Alarm switches are located below the battery compartment.
3. Adjust the switches to the desired setting.
4. Reinstall battery door.
5. Unit is now ready for use.
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