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Collision Sentry®

Making noise in collision awareness
Collision Sentry, the collision warning system is making noise- literally.
With the recent addition of sound alert to the award-winning product,
Collision Sentry now delivers a one-two punch when it comes to
warning of impending collisions at blind corner intersections.
In industrial settings where forklift traffic and pedestrians intersect, Collision
Sentry® forklift collision detection and avoidance products can help reduce
or eliminate “blind corner” collisions by providing an audio and visual warning
that alerts forklift drivers and pedestrians to approaching traffic. Working
like a traffic light to flash a warning, the patent-pending Collision Sentry
offers an audio alert, is easy to install, self-powered, highly visible and
The Collision Sentry Advantage
Audio warning
• Loud enough to be heard within the corner zone and set it apart from other
   background noises
• Audio volume can be adjusted or turned off
• Sounds warning ONLY when motion is detected on both sides of the corner
Visual warning
• Flashes warning ONLY when motion is detected on both sides of the corner
• LED lights positioned for maximum visibility
• Beam focused toward areas where it is best seen
• Lens concentrates and increases beam’s intensity
Simple installation (see below for installation instructions)
• Deploys immediately, portable, compact and lightweight
• Integrated magnet mounts “snap on” to racking
• Z-clips available for mounting to non-magnetic surfaces
• Standard D-cell batteries (included)
• Low battery indicator
• Depending on usage, battery life is estimated at two to three years
Passive infrared motion sensors
• Detection zone 20-25 feet in each direction
• Warning sent in ample time for corrective action
• Pre-set and ready to use

Collision Sentry mounted to a pallet rack using the
integrated magnet mounts. Collision Sentry will
snap onto most pallet racks using these magnets.
An optional safety tether is included with every
product in case the product is knocked off the
magnetic mount.
You can see both the motion sensor window (top)
and LED window (bottom).

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Model No.
Collision Sentry® warning system with audio. Height 9”
6 lbs.
Collision Sentry® sold by 8-pack
48 lbs.
Z-clips for mounting Collision Sentry to wall. Pack of 4.

Collision Sentry Installation
Installation of Collision Sentry is very easy. It comes with everything
needed to mount onto any metallic corner such as a pallet rack. Simply
remove the battery tab to arm the product and it is ready to snap onto
the corner. The product will blink for about 30 seconds while it acclimates
to its environment. Once this is done, it is ready to use.
Mounting on the rack is just as easy. The integrated
mounting magnets will hold the product in place -
simply position where the product is needed and
snap onto the metallic corner. An optional tether is
included in case the product is knocked from its
magnet mounts.
How it works: When the motion sensors
"see" movement on BOTH sides of the
corner, indicating a possible collision,
the lights flash and audios a one-two
punch, warning of this possible collision.
The lights and sound will continue to
react until 3 seconds after the motion

Collision Sentry Z-clips
Z-clips attach to the Collision Sentry to allow for mounting
on any hard surface. The Z-clips replace the use of the built
in magnets and provide a mounting point to attach Collision
Sentry to a variety of surfaces.
Each package of Z-clips comes with 4 of the clips, mounts
and the screws to attach to the magnet mounts. Fasteners
to attach the Z-clips to a corner are not included.
How to Install Z-clips
Step 1: Use the included screws
to fasten the Z-clips to the
mounting "tee-nuts."
Step 2: Remove cap by
removing 3 top screws
Step 3: Slide Z-clips into place
and tighten
Step 4: Install both sides Step 5: replace cap
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