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dolly handle
dolly handle
• Clamps onto various dollies
• Ergonomic tool to move drum dollies
• Drum is far more stable because force is applied    below the center of gravity
• Reduces risks to workers
• Helps prevent accidents
• Patented design

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Model No.
Shipping Weight
Clamp+Go Dolly Handle
11 lbs
Clamp+Go Dolly Handle Type 304 Stainless Steel (Patent Pending)
11 lbs
Someone left a dock leveler slightly raised...
dolly handle
dolly handle ...it's no problem for the Clamp+Go™!
Reduce risks to workers with the ergonomic and safety conscious
Clamp+Go™ Dolly Handle. Attach Clamp+Go™ to the sidewall
of your drum dolly with a downward push to engage the quick-
coupling mechanism. Then pull or push to move your drum around.
Easily move into and out of confined areas.
Increase worker safety by moving drum dollies with the
. Don't risk catching your fingers between the drum
and other objects. Your drum is far more stable because you apply
even force below the drum's center of gravity.
For safety reasons, use caution to maintain control and avoid tipping
when pushing at the top of your drum to move a drum dolly.
Lateral force at the top of the drum shifts over 70% of the weight to the front dolly wheels. This can make the dolly
difficult to control, and potentially hazardous without warning - even topple over, especially if the dolly wheels hit an
obstruction, a hole in the floor, or while descending a slope.
Decrease the risk of this happening by attaching the Clamp+Go™ to the drum dolly. You then pull from the bottom of
the drum to move it around, with weight far more evenly distributed on all dolly wheels. You have greater control, and
significantly reduce risk of tipping.
The Clamp+Go™ can be used with round drum dollies of various sizes. Move the quick-pin to adjust for 2", 2.5"
or 3" (5.08, 6.35 or 7.62 cm) tall dolly sidewall. One Clamp+Go™ works with all our round drum dollies, and with
many other brands.
Use your steel-toe boot to disengage the Clamp+Go™ from your dolly... then quickly connect to another. Always
comply with the maximum capacity of the drum dolly being handled.
For convenient storage, push the Clamp+Go™ handle to upright position, and a magnet holds it in place.
Easier, and More Stable
More Difficult, and Less Safe
dolly handle dolly handle
With the Clamp+Go™ you have greater control, and
significantly reduce risk of tipping with the weight evenly
distributed across the four dolly wheels. Apply 35 lbs of
pulling force using the Clamp+Go™, and a 500 lb drum
will move from 0 to 3 mph in 5 seconds.
Pushing the top of the drum with the same horizontal
force will result in a 73% load shift to the front wheels
of the dolly. The dolly can become difficult to control
and potentially hazardous - even tip over, especially if
the dolly wheels hit an obstruction, a hole in the floor,
or you descend a slope.

dolly handle Dimensions
Handle length: 40.3"
Adjust for different dolly
sidewall heights:
Detail A: 2"
Detail B: 2.5"
Detail C: 3"
Shipping weight: 11 Lbs
Shipping dimensions:
L46" x W11" x H6"

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Handle, Round Drum Dolly Handles, and Push/Pull Drum Dolly Handle from your source for material handling equipment.
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