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Hanging a jib from an overhead structure may
be the best way to put a workstation where
it’s needed. These kits free floor space and
allow for greater plant layout flexibility. Jibs
have steel WS50 booms in length shown.
Vertical columns include a heavy duty 3 ft.
(0.9m) safety chain at the top and safety plate
at the bottom to prevent boom from sliding off.
ceiling mounted jib kits
ceiling mounted jib kits
Includes 6 ft.(1.8m) swing boom, vertical column with
integral safety chain and safety plate, 3 U-bolts, 1
balancer trolley, 1 hose/cable trolley for festoon, 1 end
stop and 1 end cap.
Do not include booms but do include safety plate and
integral safety chain.
Sizes and configurations other than those shown may be
made-up by ordering individual components Kit numbers
listed assume typical 3/8” (9mm) I.D. hose with saddle
to handle O.D. range of 0.60”-0.94” (15-24mm). If
optional saddle with O.D. range of 0.31”-0.59”
(08-15mm) is desired, substitute “1” for “2” as last digit
of model number. Example: WCS-060301.
ceiling mounted jib kits
Inverted jibs and related equipment must be installed with adequate safety features, such as a secondary Safety
Chain and a Plate which prevents boom from sliding off bottom of column (included with each kit). Jib is designed
to support tool and items associated with tool operation only. Jib must not be used to support anything over the
stated 50 lbs (22.5kg) weight limit. It is the installer’s responsibility to provide required safety items to meet local
codes and to install each unit with maximum attention to safe work practices.
swing stop for jib swing stop for jib
Swing Stops for 50 lb. Capacity Booms
Many people want the flexibility a swing boom provides but need to limit
swing in one or both directions. Two boom stops are available. One (below)
has manually positioned (screw-in) stops that limit swing to 15º, 30º, 45º,
or 60º in either direction. The other (left) has a spring loaded stop that,
when pulled, allows the boom to swing freely throughout its normal 180º arc
and, when released, lock it at the straight position or every 15º in either
direction. Stops are easily installed on 50 lb. capacity swing booms without
drilling or welding.
Manual Swing Boom Stop: W5S-SK
Spring Loaded Boom Lock: W5S-BMLK

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Model No. Prices Model No. Prices Boom Length Boom
Vertical Column
w/Boom w/Boom w/o Boom w/o Boom ft. (m) ft. (m)
6 1.8 Swing 3 0.9
6 1.8 Swing 5 1.5
6 1.8 Swing 6 1.8
6 1.8 Swing 7 2.1
6 1.8 Swing 8 2.4
6 1.8 Swing 9 2.7
Model No.
Mounting Plate 12" x 96" (304 x 2438)
Mounting Plate 12" x 120" (304 x 3048)
Ceiling Mounted Jib Kits, Swing Boom Stops, Ceiling Mounted Columns, Ceiling Mounted Swing Jib Kits, Ceiling
Mounted Tool Jib Kit, Ceiling Mounted Swing Boom, and Ceiling Mounted Jib Kits with Balancer Trolley from your
source for material handling equipment.
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