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terrain truck with gas powered traction drive
terrain truck with gas powered traction drive

All-terrain pallet truck with gas-powered traction drive system, great for
moving heavy loads over rough terrain, features 2000 lbs. or 4000 lbs.
capacity @ 18" load center, unit also includes powered fork lift and
lower, steel construction for years of dependable use with blue painted

Standard Features:

• Briggs & Stratton 6HP gas-powered engine to power hydrostatic traction
   drive and fork lift

• Handle with variable speed forward / reverse control and safety kill switch

• Hydrostatic transmission with hand-operated, Forward and Reverse control

• Powered fork raise and lower controlled with hand lever

• Fork service range is 2-5/8" lowered to 12" raised

• Forged steel forks are 4" wide x 36" long and painted black

• Adjustable fork width between 8" minimum and 36" maximum

• Usable width between outriggers is 50"

• Overall size of unit is 79" wide x 68" long (including handle)

• Pneumatic steer wheels are 13" diameter x 4" wide each

• Drive wheels are 18" diameter x 8-1/2" wide each

• Steering arc is 150°

• Wheels include sealed bearings for outdoor use

• 3 m.p.h. walking speed
engine for terrain truck wheel for terrian truck parking break for
6HP Briggs & Stratton
gas-powered engine
Drive wheels are 18"
diameter x 8-1/2" wide
Emergency Shut-Off
Parking Brake
gas powered all terrain pallet truck drawing
ALL-T-2-GPT 2000 lbs. 36" 18"
ALL-T-2-GPT-L 2000 lbs. 48" 24"
ALL-T-4-GPT 4000 lbs. 36" 18"
ALL-T-4-GPT-L 4000 lbs. 48" 24"

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Model No.
Cap. (lbs.)
@24" load
Net Wt.
All-Terrain Pallet Truck Gas 2K 78"
All-Terrain Pallet Truck Gas 2K 90"
All-Terrain Pallet Truck Gas 4K 78"
All-Terrain Pallet Truck Gas 4K 90"
Gas Powered All-Terrain Hopper

Fill engine with oil and gasoline per the engine instruction booklet. Locate unit outdoors in an unobstructed area
to minimize the chance of collisions while becoming familiar with operating the unit. Set choke and throttle per
engine instruction manual. Squeeze the kill switch bale with left hand and pull the starter rope with right. After
engine starts, set choke to open and allow engine to warm up for a few moments. Set the engine throttle to the
desired speed. Increasing the throttle will increase the speed. Squeeze the left shift lever and the unit will start to
move forward. The further the lever is squeezed the faster the unit will move. When the lever is released the unit
will stop. Squeeze the right lever and the unit will reverse. If anything unexpected happens simply let go of the kill
switch bale, the engine and unit will stop. Practice driving the unit around, getting used to how it turns. If you turn
sharp, the outer wheel will speed up and the inner wheel will slow down. Get used to how the unit behaves
when turning sharp!
Practice engaging from forward to reverse. After a few minutes you should get the feel for
shifting the transaxle. When moving heavy loads, it may be necessary to slow the unit down with the shift lever
resulting is less power demand. Do not shift from forward to reverse rapidly! The change can cause the load
to shift on the forks and may damage transaxle.
handle for terrain truck
Raising and lowering a load.
Raising a load:
Release the shift lever. Speed the engine up to mid speed and lift the valve lever gently with your hand. The load
should start to rise. Releasing the valve will cause the load to stop and hold position. Lifting the raise lever again will
cause the load to continue to rise. At the top of the stroke, you will hear the engine load. Release the raise lever.
Do not allow the hydraulics to over load at the end of the stroke! Doing so for more then a few seconds will
cause the hydraulics to over heat and cause permanent damage.
Lowering a load:
Press the raise lever down gently with your hand. The engine does not have to be running to lower the load. The load
will be lowered at a controlled speed. Releasing the lever will cause the load to stop and hold position. The lowering
speed can be adjusted. If the load is lowered too fast the velocity fuse in the cylinder will close, holding the load. If
this happens raise the load to reset the velocity fuse. Adjust the adjustment screw to decrease lowering speed.
speed adjustment  for terrain truck
Parking Brake
The ALL-T-GPT is equipped with a locking parking brake. This brake is not intended to be used as a dynamic
brake for slowing while engine is engaged or for steep grades.
To operate brake, simply pull the lever back
until it locks. Push the lever forward to release. Do not use the parking brake for holding heavy loads on steep
Transaxle Release
If the unit needs to be moved without the engine running, the transaxle must be disengaged. Push the transaxle release
lever forward then down, to disengage the transaxle.
transaxle release lever for terrain truck
The unit can be lifted by using the two holes located in the carriage channels. Use proper clevises and chains (not
supplied with unit).
terrain truck
The ALL-T-GPT should provide years of operation with little maintenance. Follow the engine manufacture’s recom-
mendations on maintaining the engine. Every other engine oil change, check the drive chain tension and lubricate the
drive chains with sticky spray grease. The chains should be slightly loose (not tight) but not loose enough to allow the
chain to slap or jump. Inspect and lube the chains by removing the tube chain covers. Adjust the chains by loosing the
lock nut and applying tension on the hex.
bolts for terrain truck
There are set screws on the front and rear sprockets, the drive shaft coupling, motor pulley, and pump pulley.
Check to be sure set screws are tight. If loose retighten and use red locktite to keep them from coming loose.
The rear sprocket should line up with the front sprocket on that side. Check the belt for wear and replace if
necessary. With the belt tension removed, check the bearings and shaft on the hydraulic pump drive for wear. Replace if necessary.
To adjust brake tension, remove cotter key. Adjust by turning rod nut. Take care not to over tighten brake as it will
over heat damaging the transaxle
parking brake for terrain truck
The belt tension is spring loaded and requires no adjustment. Check belt for wear or cracking, and replace as necessary.
Check hydraulic oil level and refill as necessary. Use an ISO 32 general purpose hydraulic oil. Fill to 1” from top with
cylinder in down position.
oil fill, fill level, oil reservoir

gas powered all terrain pallet truck drawing

gas powered all terrain pallet truck drawing

gas powered all terrain pallet truck drawing

gas powered all terrain pallet truck drawing
All Terrain Pallet Truck with Gas Powered Traction Drive, Pallet Trucks, Pallet Truck, Self Propelled Pallet Truck,
Pallet Lifter, Pallet Transporter, Moving Heavy Loads Over Rough Terrain, and Outdoor Use from your source for
material handling equipment.
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