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Mesh strips let fresh air in - keeps bugs out!
The Airflex® strip door is ideal for high volume traffic locations where
you want to let fresh air in and keep the bugs out. Mesh strips are made
from 12 oz. PVC coated polyester for long life and durability.
air-flex insect barriers
Strip doors allow for hands free accessibility and can be easily installed
using our patented MaxBullet® HTP mounting hardware.
Airflex® is available in 8" wide Black or Safety Yellow strips.

impact doors
Available in Black or Yellow
8" wide x 7' long or 8" wide x 8' long.
Airflex® Insect Barriers feature the patented MaxBullet™
HTP® Silver mounting hardware -the fastest strip door
mounting system in the world!

Airflex® is Perfect for:
insect barriers doors
Back doors of restaurants, cafeterias, and food prep facilities.
Personnel doors at commercial and manufacturing locations.

Open air concessions at parks, sports arenas and other
   outdoor facilities.

Any open area where flying insects are a pest.

All strips are 8" wide and can be
alternated with any standard clear
PVC strips to provide greater clarity
and cost efficiency.

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Specify Black or Safety Yellow when ordering
Standard barrier is provided with 50% (2") overlap. Add 37% to price for 100% (4") overlap
MaxBullet™ HTP® - Silver Mounting System
Door Size
W x H
Black Mesh
MaxBullet® HTP Silver
Yellow Mesh
MaxBullet® HTP Silver
Part # Price Part # Price
2' x 7' $155.00 $155.00
2' x 8' $176.00 $176.00
4' x 7' $308.00 $308.00
4' x 8' $352.00 $352.00
6' x 7' $460.00 $460.00
6' x 8' $526.00 $526.00
8' x 7' $616.00 $616.00
8' x 8' $701.00 $701.00
10' x 7' $767.00 $767.00
10' x 8' $877.00 $877.00
12' x 7' $921.00 $921.00
12' x 8' $1,052.00 $1,052.00
Barrier with Replacement Mesh Strips
Part Number Description Price
7' 0 Mesh, Black $51.45
8' 0 Mesh, Black $58.71
7' 0 Mesh, Safety Yellow $51.45
8' 0 Mesh, Safety Yellow $58.71

Airflex™ Insect Barrier Installation Instructions
Using the MaxBullet™ HTP System
impact traffic doors TOOLS NEEDED
• Pen or Pencil to Mark Drill Holes
• Drill
• Step Stool or Ladder
• Utility Knife to Cut Strips
Some door models feature alternating clear PVC strips. Prior to
installation, unroll all door strips and place them on a clean, flat
surface in a warm atmosphere for a minimum of twenty-four
(24) hours. This will allow the strips to return to their original form.
1. Mount the MaxBullet™ hardware bracket in either the under
header or wall position shown in Diagrams 1 and 2 using the appropriate fasteners supplied.
2. Press the door strips onto the “bullets” of the hardware
bracket making certain that the concave sides are facing each
other. Attach strip numbers 1 and 3 (see Diagram 3) leaving
desired spacing between strips as indicated below (Diagram 4).
3. Attach strip number 2 over strip numbers 1 and 3 (Diagram 3).
4. Attach all of the remaining door strips in the same manner as
in Steps 2 and 3.
rubbair doors
Airflex Insect Barrier, Door, Doors, Impact Doors, Impact Traffic Door, Impacdor, Insect Barrier, Flap-R-Door, Hatchery Door,
Rubbair Doors, and Traffic Doors from your source for material handling equipment.
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