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model 186 adjusto karriers
Model Covers A Wide Range Of Diameters
Unique Pads Conform To Drum
Transport Loaded Containers By Monorail, Crane Or
   Chain Block
Allows Fast Dumping Or Dispensing
High Level Controlled Pouring
Model 186 adjusts to fit
15" to 23" (38.1 to 58.4
cm) diameter containers.
High level controlled pouring for various size fibre or
steel drums. Two models cover a wide range of
Hoist the unit up over the drum and lower it to a point
where the gripping pads are adjacent to the center of the
load. Turn the adjusting screws to tighten the grip pads to
hold the drum approximately centered in the holder frame.
Turning the adjusting crank allows the operator to "feel"
the resistance of the pressure being applied, so denting
or crushing the container can be prevented. The unique
grip pads consisting of nylon cores with Nitrile blend
covers conform to the drum curvature to grip securely.
When successive drums are the same diameter, gripping
and releasing involves just one adjusting screw. The
other one need not be readjusted until a different
diameter is encountered. Then it may be readjusted
to center the new drum.
Adjusto-Karriers are adjustable to fit a specified
range of diameters for handling straight walled fibre or
steel drums with or without ribs) weighing up to 500 Lb.
(227 kg). A hand operated pull chain permits gear driven
tilt control for pouring above a person's reach. This
provides a convenient means of pouring into high chutes,
hoppers, vessels, etc.
Note: This feature is similar to the tilt control used on the
To attach Karrier to a drum, simply back-off the adjusting
screws (The center rod of the three rods on each side is a
threaded adjusting screw. The others are guide rods.)
using the removable crank furnished (shown in diagram
The Adjusto-Karrier is shipped assembled in a carton. Shipping weight is approximately 120 Lb. (55 kg).

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  MODEL 186
  15 to 23" (38.1-58.4 cm)
Drum Diameter
DIMENSION A 34-3/8" (87.3 cm)
DIMENSION B 48-1/8" (122.2 cm)
DIMENSION C 28-3/4" (73 cm)
DIMENSION D Diameter +20" (50.8 cm)
PRICE $1,626.30
adjusto karriers
Also available 186M Adjusto-Karrier in Spark Resistant Parts.
Prices are upon request.
Model 186 & Options Prices
Model No.
15" to 23" Drum Diameter
MODEL 186 With Spark Resistant Parts
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